We are the Driving School for Eco-Safe Drivers

Capital Driving Trainers Ltd was founded as a family-run Driving School in May 2010. We are a UK limited company but have chosen to remain close to our family-originated values in providing good quality Driving Instruction services to our Customers and wider Community.​

We are driven by core values that hold family and community close to heart; we know you feel the same about your family and community. This is why we remain motivated to provide a service of a very high standard within an area where the impact of bad decisions can be devastating for both accident victim and bad driver.

To us, Safer Drivers mean Safer Roads; and Safer Roads mean Saved Lives. We, therefore, train you beyond the minimum standard required for passing the Driving Test. We emphasise driving with due care and attention for yourself and other road users - We teach you to Drive Safely.

We also teach you to drive Economically. At Capital Driving Trainers, we are committed to the well-being of our Planet Earth, and, by teaching Eco-Safe Driving Techniques, we help to make you into a better driver who has been taught to handle their vehicle efficiently and mindfully of its impact on our Environment.​

In the long run, our teaching methods will save you bundles of money off fuel and your car insurance bills.


We aim to provide training within a safe, professional and fun environment. To achieve this, our Driving Trainers are carefully selected.

​In the first instance, we ensure that they are all fully-qualified, DSA-Approved Driving Instructors (ADI).
We then go further and ensure that our trainers are the kind of people that you would like to work with - our promise is to be always friendly and courteous towards you.

We also ensure that our Driving Instructors undergo training in Customer Care, so as to ensure that your experience is enjoyable, productive and successful.



- We deliver Driving Lessons in a car with the transmission system of your choice - Automatic or Manual.

- We cover all areas of London and the surrounding counties.

- We are happy to meet you at any mutually-agreed location for your lessons - home, work, school, etc.

- We welcome learners of all ages, backgrounds and ability.

- Special rates are available to students. International students are especially welcome.

- We acknowledge our responsibilities towards our local communities, and are happy to provide taster and training sessions for special groups.

To Book your Driving Lessons, please CLICK THIS LINK to our Booking page.


If you prefer to talk to us, please call free on 08002100366 or, for mobile phone users, 07960821320.

You can also send us a secure message through the CONTACT FORM in this website; or

Send a message by E-Mail to sales@capital-driving.com.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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"Hi, thank you very much for all your work with L [Her daughter]. She is very happy..."

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