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As an experienced driver or returner to driving on UK roads, you may be considering to improve your driving skills in specific areas, or just your overall driving. Think Parallel Parking within tight spaces on London's ever-shrinking roads, for instance; or even everyday reverse-parking into a bay at your local super-store.


You might also be a newly-qualified driver seeking to obtain 'Pass Plus' certification for the purpose of advancing your driving techniques or lowering the cost of motor insurance.


Disqualified drivers facing a retest, will benefit from our eco-safe driver training to help them pass their driving test.


Whatever your requirement, we are able and happy to help.

At Capital Driving Trainers, we will work with you to update your knowledge of current road practices, as well as in handling your motor-vehicle within fast-changing road scenarios.
We will help you to develop and maintain confidence in dealing with the various scenarios that you are likely to encounter on UK roads - roundabouts, motorways, adverse weather conditions, emergency vehicle passage, country lanes, etc.


A list of services follows below. If, however, you haven't found what you want in the list, it does not mean that we can't help you; please contact us, and we will be happy to give details.


  • Pass Plus course

  • Company Car Drivers and Fleet Training Service

  • Driving Licence Conversion - From Automatic to Manual

  • Driving Review - How good is your driving? Perhaps you are in line for a company car and required to undergo a risk-assessment of your driving.

  • Driving Update

  • Return to Driving - Including retesting after disqualification.

  • Advanced Driving Tests

  • Overseas drivers - Seeking conversion to UK Driving Licence.


Standard lesson rates apply, including block-booking discounts.


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