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We take you from L-plate to P-plate as a Safe Driver

Whether a first-time learner or returner to learning, welcome to the Driving School that saves lives.

We will always:

  • Aim to help you pass your Driving Test in the fastest possible time, given your personal circumstances and schedule;

  • Provide you with instructors who are DVSA-approved and also are trained to high standards in handling our customers;

  • Work within a structured plan that is agreed with you from the outset;

  • Help keep your costs down by working within a package that suits your financial circumstances;

  • Prepare you for life after your Driving Test by incorporating Eco-Safe Driving Techniques into your training.

Our over-riding objective is to help you become a successful, safe, licensed driver.


Driving Lessons

Driving lessons are available in Automatic-Transmission or Manual-Transmission cars.


Prices start from £20 per hour of lessons.


Each lesson is 1-hour long, inclusive of feedback.


Driving lessons are delivered by friendly, well-trained Instructors, who are DSA-approved (ADI).


Intensive Driving Courses

Are you pressed for time?


Perhaps you’ve taken a week off work and need an intensive driving course to help you get your licence within this short time. You might have a holiday booked to start next month but need to complete your Driving Test before leaving.


Whatever the scenario, we are ready and willing to deliver your training within the agreed time-limits. You can be confident that our instructors have acquired extensive experience of delivering Intensive Driving Courses successfully.


As part of your course, we can also book your short-notice Driving Test for a specified date.


Intensive courses are available from 2-10 hours in 1 day, up to 60 hours over any number of days.

If you are willing to put in the time, we’ll teach you Safe Driving and ensure that you drive away with your licence.


Residential Intensive Driving Courses are also available in London and surrounding counties.


Driving Tests

Not already our Student but you need a Car for your Driving Test?


We are also happy to assist people who are not our students but, through no fault of theirs, have been left stranded at short notice, and therefore need a car and accompanying instructor for their Driving Test.

The basic cost of this service is £70, and includes a free 1-hour lesson for the purpose of accustomisation to the supplied car and correcting any observed faults in your driving.

Normal charges will apply for additional periods of instruction.

Exceptional charges may be applied in a situation where we have to supply your instructor and car at extremely short notice.


We can also Book Your Driving Test


Through our Test Booking Service, we are happy to help book your Driving Test.

We can also Fast-Track your test to the earliest available date.


Next-day Driving Tests are available, through our Fast-Track Test-Booking Service.


Driving Assessment

At the first lesson, we offer to all clients an assessment of the standard of their Driving.


We recommend this service to intending customers too because:

  • it helps us both to agree on the expected number of lessons that are likely to ensure that you attain a Pass after your driving test;

  • it also helps in your budgeting of time and money towards your driving lessons; and

  • in terms of saving money, it guides your decision about which Package Deal is best for you.

These are only some of the benefits of our Driving Assessment service; the ultimate aim is to provide you with the most effective driving training at a price that suits you.


Driving assessments are also delivered by qualified Instructors, who are DSA-approved (ADI).


Mock Driving Test

Ensuring that you are ready to PASS the Test


With DSA fees currently starting from £62, and up to £150 when you include the costs of car-hire and pre-test instruction, the cost of the Practical Driving Test is quite high.

Why risk failing the test and losing so much money when you can let us test your readiness for a fraction of the cost?

Our Mock Driving Test is incorporated into a 2-lesson session which covers the Mock Test, feedback after the Mock Test, and a Driving Lesson to correct any faults found.

This service will cost you no more than £44. Remember, it includes one free lesson after the Mock Test.


Packages and Special Deals for Learners

We offer a range of learning packages to help you manage your finances whilst learning to drive.

Our most popular learner-driver package is the ‘Fast Pass Rebate 1000’. This course pays you money back for passing your test early, after you might have made a bulk-payment of £1000 towards your lessons.
A fast-pass rebate course guarantees money back if the test is passed ahead of schedule – this is suitable for a person who is a fast learner, or who has already started to learn and is fairly confident of their ability.

To view the complete list and more details about available learning packages, please click on this link .


We also offer savings by way of discounts when you choose to pay for multiple driving lessons up-front.
To view the complete list and more details, please click on this link.


We like to see our packages and savings as a way of thanking you for your commitment and effort.


You may contact us to clarify any details - Phone: 08002100366; CONTACT FORM; or E-mail: - or simply just click on the button below to register your interest.






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