Introduce a friend (current learners)

Reward: 1 Free Lesson for You for every 10 booked by Your Friend at their first booking.Typical rewards per block of bookings are shown below. It's a great place for you to write more. Tell a story and let your users get to know you.

Block Bookings      Reward  Subject to a limit of 3 lessons per person

10                          1

20                                2

30                                3                     

40                                3

50                                3

Fast pass rebate 1000

Pay £1000 up-front and Get Paid for Passing Your Driving Test in less than 45 Hours.Benefits: 60 Hours of Lessons and Driving-Test time
Up to 2 additional free-time attempts at the Driving Test, if not passed at the first attempt.
Suitable for New Learners

Typical rebates are shown below:
Reward: £20 for every 10 booked by a friend at their first booking:Typical rewards per block of bookings are shown below.

Hours used      Rebate (manual)      Rebate (auto)    

10                              £690.00                   £665.00                      

15                              £585.00                   £547.50                  

20                              £485.00                   £435.00                     

30                              £285.00                   £210.00                              

40                               £90.00                         -

Displayed Rebate figures apply to first-time-pass Driving Test candidates only.
Contact us for the full range of Rebates, including for up to 2 further attempts at the Driving Test.





Sandra sent us a text message:

"Hi, thank you very much for all your work with L [Her daughter]. She is very happy..."

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Picture of a Successful Driving Test Candidate
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